Your office speaks volumes about your organization and its personality. It communicates your vision and ethos to all your stakeholders and visitors alike. It cements your company’s culture, and showcases it to employees. This necessitates putting your heart and soul in to the office interior design. You can considering hiring interior designers in Singapore, or wherever you reside to craft a stunning work space.

Your designer will help you with coporate office design, uniting the very best of aesthetics and ergonomics. After all the ideal workspace must be high on functionality as well as style. Here are five simple factors to keep in mind when you discuss designs and plans with your interior designer.

Let there be light

Use smart light fixtures that complement the design of the office. Yellow lights and tungsten bulbs can create a stunning and warm atmosphere. The use of LED lights can brighten up the space and fill with an active energy.


Modern offices are all about using sustainable materials for a look that is trendy and sustainable. Green terraces, potted plants or up cycled furniture is perfect to create the right vibe. Such a mover will resonate with visitors and stakeholders, and showcase your company as one that is in harmony with Mother Nature.


When it comes to coporate office design, durability is the key. It is important to use materials that have a long lifespan and hold up well in the face of daily wear and tear. Wood and plastic hold up well over glass and MDF or fiberboard. However, the aesthetics of the space will also contribute to the choice of materials.

Illusion of space

Modern office design uses stylistic elements like glass and acrylic to maximise space and light to create an illusion of depth. Such designs, leverage wide and open spaces with minimum partitions or cubicles for maximum effect. You can also consider an open plan office, which is the current office trend around the world.

Comfort is key

When planning a coporate office design, the comfort of employees must be the first priority. They will spend over 8 hours a day here every day, which means that they must be comfortable while they work. This will enhance their productivity and ensure that they do their very best, every day.

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