Once you’ve made sure that a smart outlet is right for your residence, it’s significant to think about what it can do. After you have checked all sockets, you can switch on the test power supply with your smartphone. For example, if you plug in a lamp, you can turn it on and off anywhere. Most indoor wifi smart plug also present some form of planning. If a user prefers to switch on a connected coffee machine instantly on ordinary mornings, he/she can do so using one of the connections listed in this list. To employ a smart outlet plug outdoor, plug it into a typical electrical outlet, and pursue uncomplicated setup steps. Examples of these steps are installing an app or linking the device to your residence Wi-Fi network. From now on, you can turn devices connected to your Smart Socket on and off remotely via a mobile app. Other benefits include planning and automation, the use of hands-free voice commands, and lower energy costs. Here are some best smart plug ideas to automate your home.

Charge devise safely

We charge cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices at home every day, often at night at the same time as we take a nap. On the other hand, we are acquainted with the fact that overcharging the device can cause harm and reduce battery life. An indoor wifi smart plug can be used in conjunction with a charger to set the required charging time, save energy, and eliminate the risk of overload.

Smart thermostat

One of the advantages of an indoor wifi smart plug is that it can be used to control compatible smart thermostats through an internal hub. On a cold morning, you can raise the temperature without getting out of bed. You can also plan for different temperatures when you are out and about to save energy.


An indoor wifi smart plug can be scheduled to turn on and off at explicit times. This means that any user can set the smart plug to turn on the radio right before his/her preferred show so the person doesn’t miss it. If you want to have a coffee in the morning and listen to the radio, you can use a smart home assistant like IFTTT or Alexa to automate these two tasks as part of your morning routine. There are many more ideas for you like using a coffee maker with a smart plug. Plug the coffee maker into a smart outlet set the start time, and wake up every morning to freshly brewed coffee.

Wi-Fi routers

Wi-Fi routers are prone to crashing for many reasons. One of the main reasons is when the device experiences issues such as IP conflicts. On the other hand, overheating, resulting in a temporary loss of internet connection are also prominent reasons. This can be annoying, but you can usually fix these issues easily by restarting the router. With an indoor wifi smart plug that allows a user to turn the router on and off remotely, this becomes even easier. This is especially useful when the router is out of range.

Multi stove

 Smart plugs are typically used to turn on the multicooker so that it will turn on at a specific time and prepare dinner when you get home. When the microwave has finished cooking, annoying and constant beeps will sound to alert you. You can interrupt it remotely with a smart plug. Microwaves are also among the most powerful standby users. With smart sockets, you can simply turn off the electronic device when not in use to stay away from wasting energy.

Air cleaner

Pollution is trouble in many countries of the world. If you are living in a developing or developed nation where particles in the air are harmful to human health and cause allergies, you will need an air cleaning device. The device can protect the superiority of the air in your home, and smart vents can help computerize the procedure. A simple idea is to use a smart plug to automatically turn on the air purifier twice a day.


 Smart sockets are very suitable for portable heaters. In addition to conveniently switching on remotely to heat the room before entering, you can also monitor your energy consumption.

Hidden socket

Every house has at least one socket that is tricky to locate. These sockets can be hidden at the back of heavy furniture or in other hard-to-reach areas of the residence. These sockets are difficult to manage, and homeowners often leave their appliances plugged in and on to increase electricity bills. Smart sockets make it easy to manage these sockets distantly by mobile apps or voice commands.

Show yourself at home all the time

Houses are often attacked by thieves looking for signs that they are empty. Smart outlets can develop home security in a better way by turning lights and appliances on and off while you are outside of your home. This makes Smart Sockets a safe and effective way to look at home on the go.

Protect your home with intelligent temperature control

The plug itself does not increase the likelihood of overheating. Some smart outlet models monitor the temperature of the outlet and warn you when it gets too hot. You can also use the smart plug to automatically turn off the device and reduce the risk of electrical fires.

Voice control of connected devices

You can connect PowerPlug to Amazon Echo or Google Home for voice control on a smart outlet plug outdoor. The intelligent smart outlet plug outdoor with protection class IP44 can process splash water like sprinkler sprayers, but not water jets like direct collisions of pipes. Some external ports turn one socket into two and work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well as Apple’s HomeKit. There are remote directions and a timer and each socket can be controlled independently. That means you can do two different procedures, one on each side.

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