Employers who are experienced in hiring a foreign domestic worker will know that there are many things they have to pay aside from the wages. It includes the daily expenses, levy, and her flight ticket on her way home. Most likely, they will have to recruit the maid from an agency. Then they will take care and complete all the documents needed and attend the briefing for the compulsory maid insurance.

Indeed, maid insurance Singapore policies serve to protect both the employer and the domestic helper.

The most important part of the insurance plan is personal accident cover and medical expenses. This will ensure that the maid has access to the essential medical treatment if there are untoward accidents.

Meanwhile, medical insurance will greatly benefit the employer since they do not need to fork out with the hefty medical bills. In cases where the maid runs away from home, or she causes harm to other people, the insurance will be helpful for the employers.

Indeed, the maid insurance is helpful when something happens to the maid, something happens to other people because of what your maid did, and something happens to you and your family because of what your maid did.

Medical Coverage When your Maid Becomes Sick 

The most basic of the maid insurance Singapore policy comes with $15,000 surgery and hospitalization coverage; this includes day surgeries and inpatient care in cases where your maid is hospitalized.

Moreover, be on the lookout with the outpatient cover. This is not a compulsory cover but it includes medical expenses during the visits to clinics. For the maid insurance, the included coverage includes those arising from accidents only. For other outpatient medical expenses, they become an add-on and it can cover up to $30 for each visit with a $10 excess. This is true whenever you pay the first $10 and the insurer will have to pay up to $30 thereafter. Zika and dengue fever are included by default at MoneyIQ. Meanwhile, the medical expenses for the maid are included in cases where she contracts these viruses.

And if your maid was hospitalized and is now unable to work, you will be compensated in the Wages and Levy which you pay. This amounts to $30 for each day for up to 30 days.

Personal Accident Coverage Whenever Your Maid Involves in an Accident 

The personal accident coverage is paid to the domestic helper in cases where she suffers impairments and disabilities due to an accident related to her work. She can get around $60,000 for each year in personal accident coverage.

Security Bond Deposit 

The security bond deposit refers to the compulsory payment which is up to $5,000. It is paid to the government as a pledge of your liability to your domestic helper. You will have to give to the government this amount of money to give them some assurance that you are accountable for your maid. This includes giving her work permit, paying her wages, and making sure that she gets home safely when her contract ends.

You can have your money back upon the completion of the maid’s employment and making sure that your domestic worker gets safely to her home. In cases when your maid violates a rule or runs away, you are liable to report it to the authorities.

With maid insurance, the insurance company will take care of the security bond. Thus, you do not have to commit this sum of money to the government. But the conditions for a full discharge of your domestic helper will still apply in this case.

Third-Party Liability: Whenever your Maid Causes Harm to Others 

With the third-party liability coverage at Hong Leong Assurance, you can be able to pay for the legal costs as you represent your maid. This applies in cases where your maid accidentally causes harm or even the death of other people. Remember that the coverage is only up to the insured limits which can differ across all plans.

Indeed, when you employ a maid, you are responsible for her actions. Since there are many possibilities of accidents, it is very important to insure yourself with the appropriate maid insurance policy now.


Indeed, a domestic helper will aid you in your chores at home. But you must also take note that she is just a human being. As such, accidents and illness are possible to happen to her. This is the reason why you want to protect yourself against the unexpected cost of these accidents.

If something happens to your helper and she cannot work, for now, you will want to be compensated in the wages and levy that you will be paying to her. If she needs to return to her country and get a replacement helper, there will be additional costs that can be waived off by the insurance plan.

The next time you buy a maid insurance policy, make sure to review the coverage to check if you are getting the adequate insurance cover for yourself and your helper.

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